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GDPR Application Consultant

A GDPR consultant in your company

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  • Via Salvatore de Renzi

Descrizione del servizio

Companies choose to bring in GDPR consultants to assess and determine whether they are in compliance with the new unified data protection regulations in the EU. If you need the support of a GDPR consultant, we have many experts in our network who can start right away. Depending on what you prefer, our compliance consultants can either work directly onsite at your company or in a remote capacity. Our GDPR consultants have helped many companies by: providing roadmapping and gap analysis helping them work towards total compliancy examining current data protection measures and highlighting where improvement must be made assessing risk as well as privacy policies determining how third parties handle a company’s data and what this might mean ensuring steps are taken to obtain proper consent from customers liaising with all relevant stakeholders

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  • Via Salvatore de Renzi, n 50, Salerno, SA, Italia

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