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16s RNA Metagenomics Sequencing; Metagenomic Sequencing; Metatranscriptomics

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  • Fondazione Ebris Via S. De Renzi n. 50 84125 Salerno

Descrizione del servizio

Microbiome Evaluation Panel The microbiome refers to a group of microorganisms or their genomes found in an environmental niche. In humans there are approximately ten times as many microbial cells and 100 times as many microbial genes than there are human. These microbiota are found in places like mouth, gut, skin etc and can influence the expression of human genes in these areas even contributing to disease states such as IBD and diabetes. Advances in next generation sequencing has revolutionised the study of human and non-human microflora and we have several applications available at Epistem.

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Via Salvatore de Renzi, n 50, Salerno, SA, Italia

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